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In connection with the administrative reform, we have initiated changes in administrative units in our databases. We aim to complete these changes by the end of 2017.

Important information to the users of the address search in our e-service: 
  • If you cannot find the old address via the address search, try searching for the new one; conversely, if the new address does not give any results, try the old one. 
  • Important when registering parcels or letters, ordering periodicals, etc. 
  • If you do not know your new address yet, you can find more information on address changes from the public application of the Land Board by clicking HERE 
  • You can also find help from the address converter, which you can read more about HERE 

Zip codes are changed along with addresses only if it is unavoidable. The zip code system will be organised only when the new addresses and administrative units are in place, which will not happen before next year. As postal systems are based on zip codes, it is more important than ever to add the correct zip code to your letter. 

After completing the changes in our databases, we have planned for the first quarter of next year to be a transitional period. During this period, we can deliver shipments if the zip code is correct, even if the old address is still used. After the first quarter, the delivery of shipments with incorrect data may be delayed.

If you have additional questions, please contact your account manager or our customer service at

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